Where's Ronald

“He’s here. He’s there. Man, the guy is everywhere.”

-from McDonald’s kids page

Unlike Waldo of the popular children’s books, Ronald continues to build his popularity by making sure he isn’t hard to pick out in a crowd.

In the fall of 2009, Corporate Accountability International put out a national call for Ronald sightings to get a better sense of just where and how he was hooking kids on unhealthy food.

What did Americans find?

Well, it turns out that Ronald is no longer content just to interact with children when they visit McDonald’s. He has become involved in every aspect of childhood, with appearances in some of the most unlikely places – from schools to hospitals.

While on the surface Ronald’s running around may seem like community service, see if you can’t spot “branding and marketing by another name” in the examples that follow.

  • 0 41.8781136,-87.6297982 chris aguirre chicago,il
    So I noticed that the majority of the protesters are grossly overweight. Makes me think they don't have the will power to lay off the big Macs themselves. Therefore they want the government, courts and corporate America to parent and regulate what they lack the will power to do themselves. But why do the fatties think they know what is best for everyone. Its America people. I have an idea. If you don't want your kids to eat McDonald's. Don't go. No one is forcing you. Will power. Be a parent to you kid, not me and mine.
  • 1 43.0389025,-87.9064736 jeanne severson milwaukee
    Why are you trying to rid the world of the evil of Ronald McDonald and the Ronald McDonald House? I would guess the families who have been helped by this charity don't feel that he is marketing evil.
  • 2 33.8722371,-117.8703363 Joe Placentia, CA
    Here's Ronald McDonald talking to kids at their school in Placentia!
  • 3 -5.383333,38.05 kvstantinos boyla
    no clown
  • 4 39.952335,-75.163789 Charley D. Philadelphia, PA
    This is a sign from the McDonald's sitting right on the first floor of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!
  • 5 42.3584308,-71.0597732 Dave boston, ma
    You guys need to get a life and find something worthwhile to fight for.
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  • 7 38.0497996,-84.4585485 Leland Conway Lexington Kentucky
    Me and my producer Aaron went to McDonalds to protest PETA when they were mad because of the chicken sandwiches. <br /> <br /> Ronald McDonald helped us to protest PETA, and everytime children walked by, he would try to give them free Cheeseburgers. <br /> <br />
  • 8 44.3148443,-85.6023643 Ken MICHIGAN
    Are you kidding? Yeah, I saw Ronald....in the hearts of all the kids that he has helped throughout the years ! Ronald is an ICON ! How about educating PARENTS on how to feed their kids and send Ronald to the farm !
  • 9 42.333355,-88.2667534 Holly McHenry, IL
    The clown did not make me want to go eat a cheeseburger. McDonald's is not responsible for people who have no control of themselves. Get off it weirdos.